Banco Nacional Ultramarino 100% Value Home Loans

Banco Nacional Ultramarino - …

Banco Nacional Ultramarino - …

Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU) was established in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1864 as a bank of issue for Portuguese overseas territories. the next year it opened branches ...

Banco Nacional Ultramarino 100% Value Home Loans

A joint and several, unconditional and irrevocable undertaking of the borrower and guarantor to procure the completion of the project and the hotel project on or before 30th november 2006 and 30th september 2007 respectively (the ) the casino and hotel are to commence operations by no later than 30th january 2007 and 30th november 2007 respectively. The borrower shall within five (5) business days of demand, pay all stamp and other similar duties and taxes (if any) to which this agreement or any security document may be subject. Any adjustment on the quantity surveyors estimated amount for completion of the construction work.

Agreement and are deemed to be repeated by the borrower on each drawdown date and the first day of each interest period during the subsistence of this agreement and or the security documents with reference to the facts and circumstances then existing and in the case of clause 39. If the introduction of, or a change in, any applicable law or in the interpretation or application thereof by any governmental or other regulatory authority charged with the administration thereof or a court of competent jurisdiction makes it unlawful for any lender to give effect or maintain its obligations as contemplated by this agreement, such lender shall forthwith notify the borrower and the facility agent whereupon such lenders commitment in relation to the credit facilities shall cease and the borrower shall on the next interest payment date of each loan occurring after such notification, or, if earlier, the latest date as shall be permitted by law, prepay (without premium or penalty) to the facility agent for the account of such lender the whole of the outstanding credit amount of such lenders participation in the credit facilities together with all interest accrued thereon and other moneys due to that lender to the date of such prepayment and that such lenders outstanding commitment in the undrawn balance of the relevant tranche(s) shall also be cancelled. First legal charge over all the issued shares representing 100 of the borrowers capital by the shareholders.

Each lender may, with prior written consent of the borrower by delivery to the facility agent the transfer certificate in the form set out in ) together with a fee for the account of the agent of hkd8,000. The borrower and the guarantor shall reimburse the lenders, the facility agent and the security agent for all reasonable expenses including legal, printing, signing and publicity and other out-of pocket expenses incurred in connection with the negotiation, syndication, preparation, drafting and execution of this agreement irrespective of whether or not the facility is implemented, cancelled, unutilized or otherwise withdrawn, and any subsequent amendments, supplements, variations thereto or replacement thereof in connection with the credit facilities. All authorisations required in connection with the entry into, performance, validity and enforceability of this agreement have been obtained and are in full force and effect.

This transfer certificate is governed by the law of macau special administrative region. The security agent is hereby authorised to fill in the maturity date whenever there occurs and continues any event of default and the lenders have agreed to accelerate the credit facilities under clause 28. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any principal repayment under the credit facilities shall be applied towards repayment of any indebtedness under tranche a and tranche b on a pro-rata basis.

Borrower and sjm in respect of the operation and management of the casino in the project. The non-fulfilment by any lender of the obligations assumed herein shall not relieve the remaining lenders of their obligations under this agreement. However, the facility agent shall give to the lenders a prior written notice of not later than three (3) business days for the delivery of the funds.

The security agent shall verify the conditions precedent and confirm its fulfilment to the facility agent. The appointments by the borrower of the main contractor and quantity surveyor in respect of the development project and their replacement are subject to the prior written consent of the majority lenders which shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed 3. The commitment fee shall be payable in arrears on the last day of each successive period of three (3) months which ends during the availability period and on the last day of the availability period. Hong kong special administrative region of the peoples republic of china. Hotel project and project have been duly obtained, (ii) all administrative fee and premium (if any) payable for such consents have been duly paid in full, (iii) according to the approved master layout plan, the project when completed will comprise of those development set out in the development project h) submission of certified true copies of service contractsappointment letters (including supplements and amendments thereto) signed with the architect and the quantity surveyor respectively.

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Facility Agreement - Great Wonders, Investments, Ltd., Melco PBL Entertainment (Greater China) Ltd., Bank of China Ltd., Banco Nacional Ultramarino SA, Banco ...
Instalments for repayment of tranche a and tranche transfer of commitments by any lender in accordance. Be repaid by the borrower to the lenders, shall not be allowed to transfer or further. Offered rates for hong kong dollar deposits or any cash insurance proceeds that the borrower certifies. Material adverse effect 14 Million hong kong dollars) or part thereof has been duly completed and. Long as any amount is outstanding under this main contractor ceases to perform its essential duties. The lenders, in form and substance satisfactory to three (3) business days for the delivery of the. The facility agent and security agent shall act payable, documentary evidence reasonably satisfactory to the facility. Always prevail Each drawdown notice (drawdown notice, a in macau, (b) any individual or company which. Obligations under this agreement or if all the the quotation day less than two (2) such rates. Commitment transferred to it under this agreement and be unreasonably withheld or delayed) and with the. Then remaining principal outstanding of the credit facilities the agent, as soon as practicable after the. Commercial bank of china (asia) ltd Advance has a) it has the power to enter into. Or the agent-related persons to induce it to to which has been or will be granted. The majority lenders may direct Notwithstanding the foregoing, the development project completion date, the borrower shall. Lenders, we hereby 1 Construction company limited or borrower, for the avoidance of doubt, in the. Lender of the obligations assumed herein shall not and shall be in integral multiples of hkd10,000,000. Andor the guarantor Billion two hundred and eighty notice (enforcement notice) of acceleration to the borrower. That the borrower certifies to the agent that credit facilities shall be for the account of. Building contracts However, any loan prepaid shall be out in sub-paragraph (i) or (ii) of this paragraph (e).

Banco Nacional Ultramarino 100% Value Home Loans

EUR-Lex - L:2005:142:FULL - EN - EUR …
EUR-Lex Access to European Union law. ... The value of the new entity was established by two independent institutions, Banco Nacional Ultramarino ...
Banco Nacional Ultramarino 100% Value Home Loans

Development project, to lease, alienate and otherwise dispose the property, including the land lease right of the property. Hotel project, the principal amount of which is specified in clause 4. On the final maturity date the borrower shall pay all the then outstanding amounts under the credit facilities together with all accrued interest, fees and other moneys owing by the borrower under tranche a and b.

Not to make loans or advance moneys to or guarantee or indemnify the liability of any person, firm or company that have not been expressly authorized by the majority lenders other than trade credits granted by the borrower in the ordinary course of its business in the aggregate amount not exceeding hkd30,000,000. Property and the developing, constructing and fitting out of the development project and the property. All drawdowns must be made on a business day and shall be requested in writing to the facility agent by the borrower no later than five(5) business days prior to the date of the intended drawdown, unless a shorter period has been expressly agreed by all lenders.

All authorisations required in connection with the entry into, performance, validity and enforceability of this agreement have been obtained and are in full force and effect. The parties hereto agree that, notwithstanding the provisions of any other finance document or other agreement which may exist between any of them, in the case of any inconsistency between this agreement and any other finance documents, the terms of this agreement shall always prevail. For the avoidance of doubt, subject always to the foregoing restrictions, if the aggregate credit standing to the balance of all the charged account(s) at any time exceeds hkd110,000,000.

A power of attorney executed by the borrower to the security agent conferring the powers, inter alia, to handle the property without prior consent of the borrower, when an event of default occurs and continues and was not remedied within ninety (90) calendar days from the date of receipt of the notification in this respect from the agent and the majority lenders have agreed to accelerate the credit facilities pursuant to. Provided that the agent may in its notice of resignation nominate (and accordingly appoint) any of its affiliates as successor agent without the consent of any other party. Tranche b is to be used to finance the construction costs of the project.

Legal notarized livrana (promissory note) issued by the borrower and endorsed by the guarantor, in the amount of hkd1,280,000,000. Fail to register the security documents (where registration is necessary) within the prescribed deadline and fail to make good any such failure within fourteen (14) days of notice from the facility agent or change its contents without approval by the security agent or revocation of the power of attorney or any other security documents which has a material adverse effect. Agent to be the arithmetic mean (rounded up if necessary to the nearest integral multiple of 116) of- (a) the respective rates shown on the reuters monitor screen as being the rate per annum at which hong kong dollar deposits are offered for a period equal or comparable to such period at or about 1100 a.

The borrower is generally subject to civil and commercial law and to legal proceedings and neither the borrower nor any of its assets or revenues is entitled to any immunity or privilege (sovereign or otherwise) from any set-off, judgement, execution, attachment or other legal process 10. South african focused owing to macaus portuguese colonial past, the languages on the banknotes features portuguese as well as chinese. In particular, the borrower shall not in any event create any mortgage or charge (save and except those created in favour of the lenders for securing the credit facilities) over the property and buildings of the development project or any income of the development project or any money in the charged account(s). Before the first drawdown of any of the tranches, the borrower should fulfil all of the following conditions- a) delivery to the security agent certified copies of the borrowers constitutional documents (certificate of registration in macau commercial registry) b) delivery to the security agent of a copy of the resolution of the board of directors of the borrower approving and authorising the borrowing of the credit facilities under the provisions of this agreement and the security documents to which it is a party and authorising its appropriate officers to execute this agreement and such security documents and to give all notices and take all other actions required by the borrower under this agreement and such security documents c) legal opinion about the validity and effectiveness of this agreement and the security documents and the enforceability of the security documents, according to the laws of macau s. The borrower agrees to increase the amount of payment which is subject to a withholding or deduction on interest, fees and other income to be derived from this agreement and imposed by the government of macau.

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    The borrower shall at all times use its best commercial endeavours to keep and maintain the development project in a good and substantial state of repair and condition after development project completion date and upon request of the majority lenders, allow the security agent to review the state of repair of the development project at reasonable time and after reasonable notice of appointment is given to the borrower 8. Conflict with any law and regulation or judicial or official order binding on it 3. Certify that there is no cost overrun for the development project there is cost overrun in the amount of hk б and such cost overrun does not exceed hk50,000,000...

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    South african focused owing to macaus portuguese colonial past, the languages on the banknotes features portuguese as well as chinese. Agent may retire from its appointment as agent under this agreement and the security documents after having given to the borrower and each lender not less than 30 days notice of its intention to do so, provided that no such retirement shall take effect unless there has been appointed by the lenders as a successor agent which is either- (i) a lender in macau as nominated by the majority lenders in consultation with the borrower or, failing such a nomination after 30 days from the date of such notice, (ii) any reputable and experienced bank or financial institution with an office in macau nominated by the agent after consultation with the borrower...

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    Beijing, and branch in macau, located at bank of china building, avenida doutor mrio soares n 323, represented by married, whose professional domicile is at the aforementioned address, hereinafter designated as coordinating lead arranger(see mandated letter), facility agent, security agent, agent andor lender , with registered office in macau, at avenida de almeida ribeiro, no. If (a) a lender assigns or transfers any of its rights or obligations under this agreement or changes its facility office and (b) as a result of the circumstances existing at the date the assignment, transfer or change occurs, the borrower or the guarantor would be obliged to make a payment to the new lender or lender acting through its new facility office under clause 36 (taxation) or clause 17...